Get Ready To Look Great For Summer

The next Strength and Conditioning block starts 13th October 2020. Chrissy leads you through a 5 week block that teaches you great movement, challenges your fitness, increases your endurance and motivates you to create great workout habits. If you’re thinking about looking great for summer then it’s a great time to start now.

This is a five week group training program that meets as a team three times per week.  The S & C program is all about learning correct movement by focusing on the basic squat, hinge, push and pulling movement patterns.

Participants may then go on to register for the next five week block that follows on.  We have 2 workout blocks that fall perfectly with in school terms for those busy parents. Limited spaces available, please ph: 843 7478 or email Chrissy at to book today.

Date: 25th August 2020

Duration Time: 45-60 minutes
Tuesday and Thursday 5.45pm
Saturday 8am.


Members: $150
Non-Members: $225 (includes 24/7 access to the gym for the five week period)

Date: 13th October 2020

Duration Time: 45-60 minutes
October 13th – 14th November 2020

Date: 17th November 2020

Duration Time: 45-60 minutes
17th November – 19th December
5 week program


The program will introduce each individual to workouts that will challenge their

  • Increase endurance
  • Build your strength
  • Improve your mobility
  • Tone and shape
  • Tailored to suit all fitness levels
  • Excellent for people starting out
  • Recording measurements
  • Set goals and test fitness and strength.

To sign up email or phone 027 44 11 288.