Body Balance for Men

A review of Body Balance from our trainer Aaron Silk.

In February 2021 I suffered a very debilitating back injury. I spent many, many months not being able to walk or only managing short distances. The pain was excruciating and I was living on a cocktail of painkillers.

Over the course of the year through loads of rehab, physio, osteopaths and determination I managed to get myself back (almost) to how I was pre-injury. After talking to people and doing a bit of research I decided to give my first Body Balance class a go and to see if it would help with my back.

It wasn’t easy and I did struggle, I used muscles that I have never used! But I am sold on it, and am planning to make it a regular part of my training.

I think other men, injury’s or not should consider adding a class or two a week.

Some of the benefits are:
Enhanced strength and flexibility
Injury prevention
Relieves chronic lower back pain
Stress Relief
Stronger bones
Overall well being
Core strength

Body Balance incorporates elements of yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi and is taken by qualified and experienced instructors. C’mon guys, add something new to your weight routine, what have you got to loose?

Try out Body balance for yourself on
Monday & Wednesday 5:30pm
Tuesday & Thursday 9:15am
or Saturdays 9:30am