Donna’s measurements down 6.5cm overall in 30 Day Challenge!

Donna joined the 30 day challenge in November and lost 6.5cm’s from her chest, waist and hips. She not only toned her body but improved her strength results by improving her push ups in 60 seconds from 26 to 40!!

Donna joined the challenge to lose a bit of weight and to get fitter and after 2 weeks noticed that her posture and strength was improving. She enjoyed using the Nourish App for meal ideas and planning her nutrition each week as well as attending group classes and doping her strength workouts in the gym.

We loved having Donna in the challenge group. Your effort, smile and determination inspired not only us but the other challenge participants also.

If Donna’s story has inspired you and you are interested in the next challenge please get in touch with us. We would love to chat with you about your personal goals and help you to set a short and long term plan to help you reach it. Email