February Feel Great In 28 Winners

A huge shout out to the 25 members that registered for the Bay City Gym members ‘Feel Great in 28’ challenge.

The challenge kicked off on Monday 29th January with key measurements such as strength, weight and girth measurements taken. These set the bench mark along with nutrition guidelines to follow throughout the next 4 weeks. Participants received an online recipe book for recipe ideas aas well as access to the meal planning app Nourish. In the gym we had a compliance board set up where each person reported back after each week. Basically it’ was’s a huge adult sticker chart!

The challenge finished on Sunday 25th and re-testing was Monday the 26th. Our team leader and head trainer Rachael then spent a few hours compiling results and at the Thursday night prize-giving we announced the winners and celebrated with a much deserved drink or two. Below are the results but we want to congratulate everyone on the challenge for receiving a result. Members results raged from weight loss and cm’s lost to finding more of a routine for exercise and eating as well as genuinely feeling more energised and motivated.

Results were:

Terry – 1st prize male category. 9.8kg loss, 20.5cm down from measurements over his body. Full FG28 compliance. $100 cash prize.
Stella – 1st prize Female category. 12.2kg loss, 21.5cm down. Full compliance. $100 cash prize.
Steven – runner up Male. 6.4kg loss and 20cm down. 99% compliance. Bay City Gym T-Shirt.
Amiria- runner up Female. 5.6kg loss and 14cm down. Full compliance. Bay City Gym T-Shirt.

If you are wanting more information about how we can help you with your goals then email info@baycitygym.co.nz