Feel Great in 28 – Health and Fitness Challenge

In February this year we had 41 members set and ready to go with our Feel Great in 28 compliance fitness plan.

The first week went off with a bang and everyone was getting in to the swing of training, eating and receiving support from their trainer. Week 2 was winding up to be even better and then BANG!!…Hawkes Bay is hit by the biggest ever cyclone in recent years and peoples lives are turned upside down. Some of our members choose to stay the course while others just simply needed to be supported in other areas, so we postponed the program to begin again 1st May.

It’s early days but the trainers and members are once again excited to have a positive and somewhat challenging focus for the next 28 days.

Feel Great in 28 is Bay City Gym’s member challenge program that delivers exercise targets and nutrition guidelines that help participants to steer their fitness journey along a path that suits their goals and lifestyle demands.

The group is split up into subgroups that are managed by our professional trainers. Each week members are required to post their stickers up on the compliance chart in the gym that monitors their progress. Whats even better is that there are cash prizes up for grabs for the first two people that make the most improvement. We measure this from their compliance stickers and their fitness results that we measure at the beginning and the end of the 28 days.

If this program is of interest to you then watch for our next one towards the end of the year. The program is for members only so if you are looking for a gym to join then please get in touch and we will have a chat about how we can best support you on your fitness journey.

Chrissy Newall – Owner/Operator, Fitness Coach, Group Fitness Instructor