Meet Bysshe Blackburn Personal Trainer

A brief introduction…

Hi team, for those of you that don’t know me, I’m Bysshe (like fish with a “B”) Blackburn, and I am the personal trainer behind the “Ironhide” logos you may have seen floating around the gym. I have been a part of the Bay City Gym community for about five years (as a member, an employee, and now contractor), and feel grateful every day that this facility is available for me to train and work in.

How I got here…

About a decade ago I began training with a desire to improve the muscularity and performance of my body, and due to this developed a keen interest in the physiological mechanisms that govern body composition and their various complex interactions. This led me to join Bay City Gym (after trying many local gyms and deciding Bay City was the best), and not long after that I went to study health and fitness at E.I.T. Eventually, through a few twists of fate I ended up employed by Chrissy and Hamish, and thus began my journey as a “health and fitness professional”.

What being a “trainer” means to me…

Over the years I’ve trained all sorts of people from different walks of life, and with different life circumstances. I’ve held many different beliefs about what my role is, and currently I would classify my job as something like this: “Get to know people well enough to understand what information and training will be useful to them, and deliver/administer that in a way they can comprehend, in a fun and supportive environment”. I know this might sound obvious to the point of being reductive, but it really is that simple.

Anyway that’s enough about me for now and I’ll see you all around the gym 🙂

Bysshe Blackburn

Side note from Chrissy – Bysshe has been a part of our Bay City Gym family for many years now and we’ve watched him develop and grow as a trainer.  Hamish and I are continuously impressed by how he makes his own professional development a priority.  Whether you are a new PT client or you’ve been training with him for a few years he is passionate about delivering a high quality service each and every session.  His personal values and caring nature bring excellent results to the people he trains.  If you want to get in contact here is a link to his website: