Mel Stevens – After 1 Week Feels a Massive Improvement on Her Mental Health

This is a shout out to Mel Stevens for feeling the benefits on her mental health and energy in just 1 week of joining the gym!!

Mel joined Bay City Gym after 25 years out of the gym scene. She has a highly stressful job and decided that it was time she put herself first after looking after everyone else for so long. The gym gives her an outlet and has improved her well-being 100%.

Turning 50 next year, Mel decided it was time to concentrate on her. She has already gained confidence, has less aches and pains and is loving the amazing benefits to her mental health.

Mel says “A huge thank you to the team at Bay City Gym for being so helpful and encouraging. You guys rock!!”
We are so proud of you Mel, keep up the awesome work