Member Shout Out – Jay Grant wins 120kg Master Category in Powerlifting Comp

Please Join us in congratulating Jerard Grant for recently competing in the WPF New Zealand Nationals and winning the 120kg Masters Category.

Total of 642kg with an Unofficial NZ Category Bench Press Record of 190kg.

Jerard has been Powerlifting for just over a year now and joined Bay City at the start of 2022. This was his first competition Powerlifting and he has increased his total weight by 42kg.

”I train 4-5 times week here, with a very detailed training program provided to me by my coach. It is very intense and video analysis of my lifts is required for coaching purposes. I also maintain a high calorie based diet to assist with training demands and recovery.”

”I enjoy Bay City as I train with like-minded friends here, who push and encourage me. I also like the Powerlifting specific equipment available to me, and enjoy the non judgemental feel of the club and the fellow member vibe.”