Member Shout Out – Mary Evan’s returns to the gym after major shoulder surgery in 10 weeks.

Please join us in congratulating Mary and her great work at returning the to the gym so soon after major shoulder surgery.

Mary endured a complete shoulder reconstruction but because of her strength and fitness was back in the gym with in 10 weeks doing her rehabilitation program and not long after that back participating in Small Group personal training.

She first joined the gym when it was previously known as the YMCA in 1978. She has always been focused on her health and passionate about her sport. Mary played rep football for Napier City Rovers from 1978 right up until 2002. During that time she also played for 2 other Napier clubs as well as competing internationally in the World Master’s Tournament overseas.

During her football career she got to visit and train at 4 other gyms in Napier but always considered Bay City Gym the best and her home gym. When I asked her why that was she said ‘Bay City Gym just has the best space, equipment and trainers’.

Mary is one of those members that turns up routinely and is very much missed by the staff and members if she is away. Mary is on my list of people that motivates me to prioritise my health and fitness so I can give back to my family and work just as she does.