Please join us in supporting our member Mason Baker in his 50cc Scooter Marathon on 5th March from Wellington to Napier raising money for the ‘I Am Hope’ organization. 

‘I Am Hope’ is a youth and community focused group that support and help young people navigate and manage their mental health needs and struggles.

A little bit about Mason: 

“For the last sixteen years I have dedicated my working career to helping others as a Mental Health Support Worker… you don’t see me in the newspaper or on television… but I’m out there behind the scenes rolling my sleeves up and putting in the mahi for this community of ours. If it means raising money to help our youth have a better quality of life or even help save someone’s life… then hell yeah I’m all over it!”

Mason has been a member at Bay City Gym for over 13 years.  He shares his love of fitness with his clients that he supports and brings along to the gym.  He and the company he works for recognizes the benefits of managing mental health with regular exercise. 

Click HERE if you wish to follow Mason on his journey or donate on his ‘give a little’ page.