Member Shout Out – Olive Rarere, less back pain.

Please join me in congratulating Olive Rarere for strengthening her body to a point that she now experiences less aches and pain in her body!

Olive was suffering from extreme debilitating back ache from arthritis. It was so bad she couldn’t walk out to the mail box and back and had to walk bent forward to cope. On top of this she was managing 2 knee replacements, a bad arthritic shoulder and breathing issues.

She was introduced to the gym through a Pulmonary community programme that her doctor referred her to. After 8 weeks and attending the gym twice a week on the program it became obvious to her that exercise was going to be her way of avoiding further surgery. She was feeling stronger and fitter and decided to join the gym as a member and now trains most weekdays.

She found Bay City Gym members and staff very welcoming and down to earth. Olive says ‘Everyone is here for the same reason, so it doesn’t feel intimidating or scary. As you get older, if you don’t use it you’ll loose it’.

Chrissy Newall