Member Shout Out – Shyanne Barnes, 17kgs lost

Please join me in congratulating Shyanne Barnes for losing 17kgs along her fitness journey and who’s Strength + Fitness levels have increased dramatically!

Shyanne’s main goal was to lose the baby weight and to get fit and healthy so she could keep up with the kids and to help with her mental health. She is also a fellow (SGT) Small Group Training member!

”After having my 3rd child last Feb I joined back to the gym and have been aiming to go 4-5 times a week along with changing my diet. This May I joined SGT to try to find a way to change things up a bit as I had plateaued with my weight and was finding I was losing interest. Coming to SGT class was the best decision I made. I have learnt so many new exercises and knowledge about fitness as well as what I am capable of. I thoroughly enjoy the classes, they are hard work but also a lot of fun. I have also teamed up with a trainer outside of the gym who has led me to find a love of strength training and deadlifting which has fuelled me to continue in my journey and push harder while at the gym.
Shyanne originally joined BCG as her mum was a member but choose to keep coming to bay city as she liked the fact that it is a locally owned gym.”

“All the staff are super friendly and genuinely want to know how you are doing and willing to give advice. Sasha and Aaron have been particularly great in their encouragement and skill in the SGT classes and it has been hugely appreciated.”