Molia Saufoi – 12kg down in 8 weeks

Congratulations to Molia Saufoi for losing 12kg in just 8 weeks by participating with friends and family in an 8 week challenge at Bay City Gym.

Molia achieved this amazing result by joining a group at the gym organised by member Janey Sene in May.

Molia not only participated in group training but committed herself to extra trainings at the gym with a friend, including sessions at 4.30am!!

She loved the circuits, HITT and tabata methods of training so much that you’ll find her and her friend attending the gym regularly, setting up their tabata timers and smashing out a high intensity workout.

We are very proud of you Molia and are very happy and proud to support this group of members. Their amazing support of each other during and after the challenge is impressive and inspiring.