Prost-FIT classes at Bay City Gym

Why should cancer survivors exercise?

If you are being treated for cancer, or recovering, you may have thought it was important to rest, but research shows that tailored exercise benefits most people with cancer before, during and after treatment. Being active can help manage some of the common side effects of treatment, speed up recovery and improve quality of life. Research suggests exercise may help lower the chances of cancer returning in some people by as much as 50-60%.

What is Prost-FIT?
Prost-FIT is designed specifically for men living with disease, at any stage of diagnosis or treatment. Involving both physical and cognitive elements delivered in a supporting environment, with an emphasis on fun and social interaction, Prost-FIT also offers camaraderie and opportunities for shared experiences. Proudly supported by Dry July NZ Trust, Prost-FIT is accredited by the Prostate Cancer Foundation NZ (PCFNZ) and delivered by trained, registered exercise professionals.

We’re thrilled to announce that a Prost-FIT class is starting up Friday 28th October here at Bay City Gym Napier under the expert and passionate leadership of Trainer Cath Steiner. Cath has been delivering Prost-FIT in Havelock North for some time now and it’s great to see her efforts, and those of her Prost-FITers, in raising awareness of the programme and its benefits among the community paying off. Prost-FIT Napier runs on Friday mornings and one class per week for the term are free of charge for participants.

How much does it cost?
One free class per week for 40 weeks are available (during term times). Additional classes per week will incur a participation fee.

Contact Cath for more info 021 450 067