Running Low on Exercise Motivation?

Running Low on Exercise Motivation?  Here are 10 Ways to Fall in Love with Fitness Again

Its not everyday that you have the motivation to get up and exercise, even the most avid ones have bad days. Start-of-the-year and New Year’s resolution spirit will only get you so far and as the months go by, your motivation will begin to wane.  But there is a good way to build a genuine connection to exercise and become a commitment that you want to keep.

Here are 10 ways to keep you loving exercise in the long run:

1. Keep yourself open to being a student

Working out is different every day and there should always be a pattern of progression. When you work out there is always an opportunity to learn, this will keep you engaged and you will never get bored. Instead of running the same 5k route every day or doing the same class three time a week, try to do something new like yoga or Barre? Try new workout routines so that you will be kept interested in exercising.

2. Keep your routine simple
Overcomplicating your workout routines will be counterproductive. You should keep your sessions efficient, clear and contained so that you won’t feel overwhelmed and it won’t seem never ending. Instead of dragging 3 exercise equipment in your spot, why don’t you just grab one and use it for your entire circuit. This will make it more likely for you to finish all the exercises you intended to do. Also, this will save you time because you can transition more seamlessly into the next move.

3. Set a personal goal
Having great motivation to exercise is great, but what makes the difference is setting a goal that will have you work towards something.  You should have a concrete reason not to be lazy or not to train. Set a goal, any goal – having small and incremental goals will help you keep on exercising even if the initial motivation wears off.

4. Commit to a regular routine
Having a regular routine can help you make your fitness goal a reality. Making exercise a regular habit will make it stick, your goal should be to make it your regime and as typical as when you brush your teeth.

5. Find joy in your routine, not reps
Find an exercise that you will enjoy doing. You hear this all the time yet how many times did exercise seem more like a punishment? Trial different exercises and find one that give your joy. Not only is life better when you have fun, but you will also be more likely to stick to the routine if it’s something you enjoy.

6. Lean into lazy days
On days that you have ZERO motivation, figure out why you are not up to working out. Understanding the reason will mean that you will be less likely to beat yourself up for skipping the workout. We all need a break sometimes but look at it as an opportunity to make adjustments to your routine so that you can keep on track next week.

7. Find your tribe
Workouts will lead to quick results if you sweat through a group session instead of doing it all by yourself. Not to mention, the opportunity to make new friends and learn new skills in the process.

8. Look for fun
Exercise will not make you happy all the time but the secret to loving it MOST OF THE TIME is to look for ways to make it more enjoyable during days that it feels anything but. Figure out how to make it more exciting: listen to a feel-good playlist or listen to a gripping podcast – anything to get you out the door.

9. Invest if you’re serious
If you want to run a 5K, there are a good number of apps that can help you train for that. If you want to run a marathon in your fastest time, maybe its time to invest in a trainer. Having a structure that comes from a training plan can be very invaluable. Investing in a fitness regime need not cost the earth, book a few sessions with a PT, sign up for fitness apps, or invest in fitness equipment – anything that will keep you motivated.

10. See exercise as self-care
How does exercise make you feel – after the fact? Make a good sweat session feel as your daily self-care practice. It will make you feel more energized and more productive.