RPM and the reason why you need to try it!

Article written by Hamish Newall – BCG Owner and Personal Trainer

When it comes to getting a sweat on and for those who have a weight loss goal, RPM (spin classes) are often touted as a sure-fire success method. Not only does spinning boost your energy and endorphin levels, but it’s also a lot of fun. After all, who doesn’t love to cycle along to loud music while feeling the burn?

Here’s a list of benefits of doing RPM or spin classes:

Cardiovascular health. Increased heart rate for 45mins with the added benefit of interval training. Everyone knows that it’s got to be good for you.

Building strength without beating up the joints. It’s a low impact high intensity calorie burner.

Calorie Burn. It’s known to burn anywhere between 300-650 calories, depending on how hard you work and your fitness level.

For me, cycling is one exercise that doesn’t aggravate my back problem. I started doing RPM in winter this year because of the weather. After a few wet weeks my lovely wife Chrissy (top instructor!!) suggested I come and try RPM. After a little arm twisting, I dragged myself out of bed to go along to her 6am class.

After the first class I was hooked. I normally ride anywhere between 30-120km’s per week on the road and after a few sessions of RPM on Friday morning, when I climbed back on my road bike, I had lost none of my fitness. In fact, I felt stronger in some respects, mainly on the hill climbs.

To sum up I think anyone, and everyone would benefit from RPM classes. You can work at your own pace and the Bay City Gym instructors in my opinion are the best in the Bay. So come on down and book a bike!

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How to book. You can book a bike through our new App in Google play or Apple store.

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I look forward to seeing you in class.