Alwyn Brown – Neck and shoulder pain better within a month of joining

This is a shout out for Alwyn Brown celebrating how he reduced pain in his neck and shoulders within the first month of joining Bay City Gym. He’s also had praise from his doctor for getting excellent results on his blood tests. They keep having to adjust his meds for his type 1 diabetes due to the positive effects exercise is having on his blood glucose levels.

Alwyn has been a member since October last year and joined because he wasn’t feeling his best. He wanted to be a good role model for his two boys by showing them how important and fun exercise is.
His experience has been such a positive journey that his wife has now joined the gym and he says that they enjoy the monthly member challenges and also loves that he can ask any one of the staff a question to get the help and advice he needs.

We really appreciate Alwyn allowing us to share his story with you.

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