Member Highlight – Daniel Paul 25kg lighter!

Please join me in congratulating Daniel Paul.

Dan trains at the gym to keep strong and agile for his sport Mauy Thai.  He decided to loose weight so that he could fight in a different weight category for his sport and has lost a huge 25kg!  (have you ever picked up a 25kg plate in the gym lately?)

He’s been at BCG for about 4 years and over that time has sought direction and a program from Trainer Bysshe that kept him focused and motivated.  Daniel says that getting programs from a trainer gives you confidence, direction and purpose when you train.  How many times have you gone to the gym without a plan only to leave after a short time and not having a great workout?

He is using a periodisation program that is firstly concentrating on cutting body fat and he’s just started his muscle gain block, preparing for Mauy Thai after a shoulder reconstruction a year ago

Dan says that he loves the space, equipment range and never having to wait for machines or benches.

Awesome work Dan.