MEMBER SHOUT OUT! – Ken Heward, improved strength and balance in only 12 weeks!


Please join us in congratulating Kenneth Heward in improving his strength and balance in only 12 weeks after a stroke that left him a high falls risk!

Kenneth had a life changing event in August last year.  After suffering a stroke, he was left with very little strength and a noticeable weaker side that made him feel very vulnerable and afraid of falling.

Kenneth heard about our seniors strength training program after his wife started attending a few months before he decided to join himself.  Our personal trainer Tracy Jensen invited him along to the group session on a no obligation invitation.  She wanted to assess and chat with him first to see how she could work with him and assist him in his goal of increasing his strength, working on his balance and increasing his fitness.  He had given up bowls after his event and was determined to get back to his club and play bowls with his mates.

We are so pleased to report that only after a month of joining the gym Kenneth had the confidence to return to his bowls club.  He says that his walking has improved so much compared to last year and he’s feeling way more confident and is finding everything so much easier.  He’s also increased his weights at the gym and has noticeably gotten stronger and  feels much fitter.

We have been so impressed with how quickly he has progressed.  Kenneth not only comes along to the weekly seniors strength training session on Tuesdays but comes 2 extra days with his wife.  The strength training program has helped Kenneth and Val both become independent exercisers in the gym and by attending the program first they feel confident to exercise on their own as well.